Tips for tenants

When you are a tenant, there are a few guidelines which are advisable to follow: Our tenant's guide is designed to help you make the right choices, whatever the situation: how to ventilate your apartment properly to prevent damage from damp or the tasks to be completed before you move out of a property.

Work to be performed before moving out

Before moving out of a property, there are various tasks which must be performed by the tenant. These range from checking that the locks work properly on the room doors to painting the walls and ceilings and cleaning the radiators. This checklist summarises all the key jobs to be completed by a tenant before moving out of a property.

Avoiding damage caused by damp

If the humidity in your property is too high, damp patches could form in bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms, particularly in the corners. In the case of severe and prolonged damp, mould may form. Correct heating and airing of a property can prevent the formation of mould, which not only saves you trouble and cost but also a potential risk to your health. By taking into account these easy guidelines, such as correct heating of rooms, regular brief airing of rooms or the integration of permanent ventilation solutions, you can contribute towards the prevention of damage caused by damp. In the following guide we have compiled a list of the key points to follow.

Correct airing of heated rooms

in the cold winter months, correct ventilation of heated rooms can help to prevent the formation of mould. How do I ventilate a property correctly? There is no generally applicable answer to this question. A combination of brief but intense ventilation, leaving the window open a gap and periodic airing should provide enough options to effectively keep damp and mould at bay. In contrast, leaving the window open for longer periods doesn't dry out the room to any greater extent but just leads to a much higher energy consumption. In our guide we have compiled key points to help you combine correct ventilation with heating, thereby preventing an increase in indoor humidity and subsequent formation of mould.

Reporting damage to the property

While you are renting one of our properties, please inform us of any damage you may find there. To make it easier for you to report damage, fill in the relevant form and send it to us.